The demand of retail business is constantly changing in this digital age. Everything is online customer prefer to do task online so that retailer must innovate to maintain and grow their marketplace position. Online shopping, mobile apps, social media and electronic coupons have opened up new opportunities for companies of all sizes.
Technoking Infotech (P) Ltd works closely with clients in the retail industry to help them with compliance and reducing financial risk. Technoking Infotech (P) Ltd, along with various partner, provide a full spectrum of audit, assurance, accounting and tax and consulting services to meet your specific needs. We leverage best practices and business acumen to help you reach your goals and objectives.
Furthermore, if your goal is to expand your brand globally, you will likely have a need for quality accounting resources throughout the world. Technoking Infotech has global network of accounting firm and ensure that you’ll receive quality of service regardless of which country your operations are located in. We work with all types of retail operations including department stores, warehouses, supermarkets and e-tailers, all who rely on our professionals for assistance.

Advantage of Retail Technology Services

Retail technology platform Of Technoking Infotech (P) Ltd provides a competitive advantage in store by leveraging best-in-class field merchandising technology and in-store selling applications

In-Store Merchandising

Advantage supports in-store activities with a flexible, effective, and powerful retail technology solution that provides retail personnel with accurate store level authorizations. We leverage retailer POS (point of sale) data to quickly and efficiently identify and repair store-specific SKU (stock keeping unit) issues including voids, out of stocks, and out of dates. With the ease of software, sales representative work the shelf quickly and accurately and a Bluetooth scanner to record data on the tablets. The retail software also supports live orders, promotion compliance, and competitive reporting. The unique client audit software keeps clients connected to our retail associates, allowing them to see exactly what’s being done in store.

In-Store Selling

It provides sales representative with professionally-developed sales stories integrated with store-level data for presenting new items, promotional events, and display recommendations. With access to a retailer’s POS data we can help store managers understand their store-specific sales performance, calculate their missed sales, and implement merchandising changes to maximize sales and profits.


We offer powerful and flexible reporting capabilities that provide full visibility and real-time updates on in-store conditions, trends, and results. The reporting system provides tactics to ensure our managers can react quickly to field conditions, analytics and tools to quickly analyze data and uncover results, and executive dashboards to visually track key KPIs and trends.

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