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Businesses across all industries need to provide excellent support to keep their customers happy. In SaaS alone, there is an increase in job listings for customer service reps as vendors vie to retain subscribers. It’s clear that adopting such a solution is quite often a necessity. But how exactly can you profit from using it? Here are the key benefits of help desk software:

  1. Resolve tickets with more accuracy. Agents can route technical questions to the IT professional or an in-house expert for an accurate response.
  2. Address Service Level Agreements. Managers can assign rules to route different SLAs to their respective workflows; thereby, each SLA type, from basic to premium, gets the appropriate customer service.
  3. No tickets are missed. Agents can set alerts to notify them about the day’s tickets. Managers can also set rules to auto-convert customer emails to tickets and channel them through ticket management.
  4. Build a knowledge base. Repetitive customer questions can be organized into FAQs. Using page templates, you can build a knowledge base section and add it to your site.
  5. Focus on important tasks. Managers can automate repetitive and routine tasks such as FAQs and administrative compliance so agents can handle more critical tickets.
  6. Resolve tickets faster. It’s one of the main advantages of help desk software. Agents resolve tickets faster and more accurately through collaboration with other agents, routing to in-house experts, or quickly accessing product specs. They can also categorize tickets by priority or escalate them to higher-ups, so the most urgent issues are resolved.
  7. Resolve tickets consistently. FAQs and unique issues are recorded and best practices are logged as a reference for future incidents. Next time a similar query is received, an agent will know exactly how to respond.

Remembering Bharat Ratna #JRDTata Ji on his birth anniversary today. He was a man with a vision who set the pace to industrialize India & his contribution to TCS laid base for the IT Revolution in India. #JRDTata

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