Today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many companies are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to leverage big data. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises, but big data also offers significant opportunities.


We bring the following features to each of our engagements:

  • Experience in working with the leading enterprises
  • In-house Big Data connectors and solution accelerators
  • A confluence of traditional analytics and next-generation analytics capabilities
  • Strong Big Data alliances with product vendors
  • A state-of-the-art Big Data lab with a vision to make the new digital world bright, relevant and valuable to our customers

Services We Provide

Our unique Think, Build and Operate model for Big Data services helps you to choose the best way to adopt Big Data.

Our principle areas of focus for Big Data services:

  • Big Data Management for the IT Organization
  • Big Data Analytics for the Business Organization

What We Think

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